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A Little about me....

I started at Fast Freddy's Superior Skin Art under the guidance of Wild Bill Debuc . Bill was mentored by Sailor Bill Killingsworth a legend in the Tattoo world, even to this day. I am honored to learn under these men , they taught me the in's and out's of tattooing and hustling. From there I moved back home to NC , then back down to Tallahasee FL where I worked at Dixieland Capitol City
Tattoo, where I decided as a young artist that I wanted to do whatever came through the door, all styles , I have  never wanted to limit myself from being able to connect with my clients. I love doing portraits, Bio-mechanical, Japanese, old school tattoos, new school tattoos, tribal, Black and grey, Geo-metric and Color bomb tattoos, I tend to do a lot of military themed tats nowadays , being next to Camp Lejeune , and Camp Johnson, Marine corp bases, I live in Jacksonville with my wife Meghann who helps me with everything, and for that I am appreciative. I look forward to creating whatever you can come up with and doing it to the absolute best . I never scrimp on the products I use , only the best, quality tattoos take quality products. the standards I set for myself can be seen in the work I do.  Thanks Nate    

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